Michael Dorn attends the “Picard” Season 3 premiere on February 09, 2023
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Picard Season 3: Worf’s Reaction To Data’s Return Was Improv By Michael Dorn
When Data returned to the “Star Trek” universe in Season 3 of “Star Trek: Picard,” Michael Dorn knew precisely how to improvise Worf’s reaction to the moment.
Worf has never been a sentimental character, and Dorn didn’t think his character would show much interest in Data’s presence at Episode 8’s big reunion scene.
Showrunner Terry Matalas found the choice humorous, “In [Worf’s] mind, he was like, 'Whatever, this isn't our Data. I don't care about the robot.' That was kind of funny.”
Matalas continued, “Dorn had decided, in this moment of nostalgia, that he would be the only one who wasn't entirely touched that Data had returned.”
While Worf respects his crewmates, he has never been a sentimental character making Dorn’s dispassionate response a pitch-perfect moment of improv.