Cary Grant (Photo by Herbert Dorfman/Corbis via Getty Images)
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Personal Experience Taught Cary Grant It Was A Good Idea To Stay Retired
Even at the age of 62, Cary Grant was still seen as the suave, debonair charmer that captured the hearts of the public in countless films; nevertheless, the actor chose to retire at this age. Grant likely could have revived his career at any time to great success, but an experience from his youth made sure that when he retired, he retired for good.
“When I was a young man," Grant said, “I saw an actor I regarded so highly, a very big star in the silent movies. And when I saw him years later in a film, I was so disappointed. He was not the same man.” The aging actor knew he could have transitioned into “older man” roles in Hollywood, but decided to end his career on a high note.
However, Alfred Hitchcock actually lured Grant out of his first attempt at retirement, telling him “Come back. I’ve got this wonderful new actress,” who turned out to be Grace Kelly. Hitchcock’s resulting film “To Catch a Thief” revived Grant's career and gave fans classics such as “North by Northwest” and “Charade,” before Grant left Hollywood for good.