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Paul Wesley Couldn't Ask William Shatner For Any Captain Kirk Advice
When Paul Wesley found himself seated next to the OG Captain Kirk, William Shatner, on a flight, he wasn't quite able to ask for advice on his own rendition of the role on “Star Trek: Strange New Worlds.” Although Wesley “badly” wanted to talk to Shatner about it, he was under “sworn secrecy” and had to keep the news to himself.
Another reason Wesley “didn’t want to bother” Shatner and “talk his ear off” was because Shatner had just returned from the Blue Origin space flight. As the oldest human in space — at the age of 90 — Shatner described being “filled with emotion” and called his journey “extraordinary.”
Ultimately, Wesley chose not to quiz Shatner about his time as Kirk, and had a more casual chat with him. Wesley also described Shatner as “a classy guy” after the latter tweeted "Congratulations" in response to the announcement of Wesley's role.