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Paul Dano Was Careful To Avoid Making The Batman's Riddler Look Cool
Portraying serial killers in the media is a balancing act, since people tend to engage with these figures, even when they aren’t fictional characters. This sort of moral quandary in filmmaking isn't limited to serial killers, and actor Paul Dano has grappled with this issue in the past.
Dano avoids roles that seek to exploit some of humanity’s darkest tendencies for the sole purpose of drawing in the morbidly curious. He maintained this sensitivity when portraying The Riddler, as he was insistent on not glorifying the character or his wardrobe in any way.
The look of Dano's Riddler was dark and simple in a way that really matched the film's tone. He was able to get across a rare combination of menacing and pathetic that few movie villains can capture without leaning too far in one direction.