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Outer Banks Actively Avoided Casting New York ‘Theater Kids’
"Outer Banks" takes place in a small region in North Carolina that’s transformed into the magical realm of Pogues and Kooks. Considering how well the show captures coastal Carolina living, it was crucial to the series creators, Josh and Jonas Pate, that the cast strictly comprise "outdoor kids."
"I didn't want a bunch of theater kids from New York City who have never been cold or never camped or never cut their foot on an oyster bed," co-creator Josh Pate explained to Garden and Gun. The cast of "Outer Banks" are also Southern, "except Rudy Pankow, who plays JJ, [...] but he grew up in the wilds of Alaska," Pate admits.
Additionally, the cast was given boating lessons after their first table read, according to actor Chase Stokes via Popsugar. Ultimately, Pate has proven his point about how a cast of buttoned-up city kids wouldn’t have worked. The Netflix show’s third season premieres on February 23, 2023.