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Oscar Isaac Tried Really Hard to Sneak the MCU's First
F-Bomb Into Moon Knight
Oscar Isaac tried to do something in “Moon Knight” that no Marvel film or series has done – drop the F-bomb. In a recent interview, the actor who portrays Steven Grant/Marc Spector revealed that he actually filmed several takes of him saying “Oh f**k” for an unknown scene, “but ultimately, [...they didn’t] even get one, so [they] had to change it.”
The scene with the curse word was a confrontation between Marc and Steven where Isaac’s real-life brother stood in for the character’s other identity. It was inspired by a meme that the brothers found funny: “It's this English kid that's got a tie on his head. He's rapping, and then just a punch comes out of nowhere and punches him and he goes, "Oh, f**k, I can't believe you've done this!"
While Isaac thought that “in Disney, because it's TV or whatever, that you get one F-bomb,” in the end, they couldn’t use the word. While the MPAA criteria for a PG-13 rating you can use one F-bomb (and only under special instances) without attaining an R rating, however, no MCU installment has ever taken advantage of this leeway.