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One Quick Meeting With Steve Levitan Sold Keegan Michael Key On Hulu's Reboot
With a resume containing “Key and Peele,” “Friends From College,” and “Schmigadoon!” it’s clear that Keegan Michael Key has a pretty high bar when it comes to comedy projects. Thus, it’s not surprising that after a short meeting with Steve Levitan —the writer of “Modern Family” — Key enthusiastically agreed to join his new project, “Reboot.”
According to Key, it didn’t take much to convince him to join the “Reboot” project. He recalls, “I sat down with Steve, years ago, pre-pandemic, to talk about this project. When he asked to meet with me and explain this concept to me, I was ready to absorb any information he had to give me. And then, when he finished, I was like “I’m in! That sounds fantastic!”
Key revealed what he looks for when joining a new project, saying “There has to be something special […] The meta nature of [Reboot] is what really drew me to this project.” However, Key didn’t scoff at Levitan’s resume either, saying “The fact that [Levitan] has got 746 Emmys for doing comedy, and he asked me to do this show, definitely has something to do with it.”