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One Ozark Scene Was A Little Too Real For Julia Garner
Julia Garner fearlessly plays the wild and scheming Ruth Langmore on “Ozark,” but there was one scene that she didn’t have the guts to do herself. It was a scene in Season 1 that involved Ruth setting up an electrical trap to kill Jason Bateman's Marty Byrde and to make sure it was strong enough to kill, she dropped a mouse into it.
While the action of lifting and dropping the mouse lasted a mere second or two, the problem was that Garner had a fear of mice. She explained in an interview with The Cut, "I can't even watch 'Ratatouille'! It's a cartoon rat, but it's gross. [...] They kept saying: It's not a big deal. It's like a phone charger, like spaghetti. And I'm like, I'm never going to charge my phone again."
Garner did her best to get over her fear of the scene, but she had to back out in the end. In the scene that was aired, the hand that is shown lifting up the wiggling mouse by its tail is a hand double. Fans can look out for this turning point scene and stream all four seasons of “Ozark” on Netflix.