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One Of Liam Neeson's Least Famous Films Is Also One Of His Favorites
Looking at Liam Neeson’s transition from “tough guy” roles to more sensitive and soulful characters, it would be a shame not to mention his performance in Neil Jordan’s “Michael Collins” — a “personal favorite” role of the actor. Neeson feels it's one of his best movies, and also feels it's woefully underseen.
The real Michael Collins was a revolutionary who fought for Irish independence in the 1910s until he was murdered in 1922. But more importantly, he is widely controversial for pioneering modern-day terrorist tactics, including the “terrorist cell”.
In spite of Collins’ violent tactics, Neeson is still “fascinated by that character” and laments that while the film did well in Ireland, it wasn't widely seen in the United States. "That film," he says wistfully, "I'd love for people to see again."