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Neil Gaiman Already Know Who Should Play Dream's Son In Sandman
Spoiler Warning!
This story contains spoilers for
"The Sandman" comic series.
For those who want more of “The Sandman,” Netflix just released a bonus episode based on the “A Dream of a Thousand Cats” and “Calliope” storylines from the comic book. In the latter storyline, the audience is introduced to the titular Muse, Calliope (Melissanthi Mahut), and the story reveals that not only was she married to Dream (Tom Sturridge), but they also had a son.
While waiting for the streaming giant to announce Season 2, creator Neil Gaiman and showrunner Allan Heinberg have already begun plotting the follow-up season and have an actor in mind to play Dream’s son Orpheus, should the show return. Heinberg said, “I don’t know if I’m allowed to say it, but we’ve talked about someone that we feel very strongly about.”
The showrunner continued, “And we have had those conversations and if we get a second season, we would love to be able to cast that person. We are conceiving of the whole season with this person in mind.” While Orpheus isn’t one of the Endless, he does play a pivotal role in “The Sandman” comic series, and his actions cause ripples that affect the entire story.