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Nathan Fielder's The Rehearsal Introduced The Best Television Character Of The Year
Nathan Fielder’s newest pseudo-reality circus act on HBO, "The Rehearsal” introduced the best television character of the year when Angela — the central character of the episode — took Fielder’s help to “rehearse” a scenario where she’s raising children with a husband. Angela meets Robbin, a devout Christian on a dating app who wasn't all that he seemed to be.
Robbin and Angela meet in person and connect over their strong Christian beliefs. When the time comes for her to ask him if he wants to spend the night, he agrees, although he says he needs to grab some things from his apartment. Fielder tags along with him, giving the audience a glimpse into the real Robbin, and it is spectacular.
As the episode progresses, Fielder realizes that Robbin’s car doesn’t have a license plate because he thought it was optional, he isn’t celibate though he professed to be, he’s obsessed with so-called angel numbers (numbers where digits repeat, such as 88 for "new beginnings") and claims he survived crashing his car at 100 miles per hour. Oh, and he also thinks his roommate is possessed by a demon.
It's fair to say that everyone has met a person like Robbin in their lifetime. Maybe he's actually a nice guy whose whole persona is a schtick or perhaps the Twitter user claiming to be his brother is right in calling him "a dangerous psychopath." It's difficult to make assumptions about him based on one episode of a TV show, but one thing's for sure: he's one of the best television characters of the year so far.