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Movies That Were Canceled For Ridiculous Reasons
Fantastic Four
The "Fantastic Four" franchise seems to be cursed, as even the 1994 iteration was never meant to be released. To retain the rights to Marvel's characters, Constantin Film hired B-movie producer Roger Corman to oversee the production, and while the cast believed in the production’s legitimacy, the studio canceled its premiere after some initial marketing.
"Allegiant" was the worst-reviewed and lowest-grossing installment in the “Divergent” franchise, so Lionsgate chose to make "Ascendant" as a TV movie for Starz. However, Shailene Woodley had no interest in reprising her role, and so the project was scrapped, leaving the saga without a proper conclusion.
Star Wars
In 2014, Josh Trank announced he was helming a "Star Wars" spinoff film, but he never got to make it due to his unpleasant behavior on the set of "Fantastic Four." Sources who worked with him described him to The Hollywood Reporter as “erratic” and “isolated," and when the film hit theaters, it was a disaster that shattered hopes of a recurring franchise.
Justice League: Mortal
Warner Brothers once planned an ambitious project titled "Justice League: Mortal'' and hired George Miller to direct the film. After the writers’ strike in Hollywood, Miller was anxious to begin filming, but couldn’t in his hometown, because the Australian Film Commission denied a 40% tax rebate – citing that the film was too American.
After Disney Animation teased “Gigantic,” a musical-fantasy version of “Jack and the Beanstalk” in 2015, the film faced several production delays, until Disney abandoned the project due to its decision to rely on original tales. Given how Disney rose to prominence due to its animated adaptations of classic stories, this move feels strange.