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Moonfall Bombed Its Way Into the Record Books, and That's Concerning
Instead of being backed by a major studio or streaming service Rolland Emmerich independently financed the disaster film “Moonfall” through various distribution partners around the world. Unfortunately, his unique approach did not pay off as the film has made just $39.2 million globally, as of this writing, against a $140 million budget (which doesn’t include marketing costs.)
While the exact figures aren’t known, it is very possible that the movie will see a loss of $100 million or more. This number is assuming a few things; that half of the box office sales will go back to the financiers ($20 million,) that only $75 million was spent to market the film, and that there will be revenue seen from sources such as cable rights, Blu-ray sales, and streaming on Amazon.
The box office failure could be due to the fact that critics were not too kind to "Moonfall" and audiences weren't out there delivering good word-of-mouth to help combat that. It could also be that during a time when the world is still trying to emerge from the pandemic, moviegoers will only show up for sure things like superhero movies and horror films.