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Moments In Hit TV Shows That Actors Refused To Film
No To Cheating
In the first draft of "After Hours" (Season 8, Episode 16), John Krasinski's Jim Halpert cheats on Pam with a woman he meets in Florida; however, Krasinski felt that the audience wouldn't like it. He voiced his concerns to Greg Daniels, creator and executive producer of "The Office," who obliged, and Jim remained loyal to Pam.
No To Jesus Christ
Sometimes an actor's conflict with script material is less a narrative issue and more of a virtuous one. Such was the case when actor Jane Fonda asked that her "Grace and Frankie" character, Grace Henson, not utter the phrase "Jesus Christ" as an exclamation, and the writers respected her request and removed the line from the script.
Too Cold To Shoot
The Season 3 finale of "Riverdale" ends with Archie, Veronica, and Betty throwing some of their belongings — and Jughead's signature beanie — into the fire, which left fans wondering if it implied Jughead's death. In reality, Cole Sprouse, the actor who portrays Jughead, was supposed to be in the scene but refused to film it as he was cold that night.
taking it too far
In an early draft of an episode of "Famous In Love," Bella Thorne's Paige Townsen is judgmental towards Cassie upon discovering she is a topless maid. Thorne refused to perform the original version of the script and requested a revision — a decision that was driven by narrative integrity and
moral responsibility.
Team Loyalty
Ian Wright, a real-life sports commentator, who will appear in Season 3 of "Ted Lasso," refused to say a line that complimented the Tottenham team. In reality, Tottenham has a fierce rivalry with Arsenal, Wright's former team, and he knew what his character would and wouldn't say because the character was himself.