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Moments in Avatar: The Way of Water That Make No Sense
Grace’s Pregnancy
Doctor Grace Augustine died in the original “Avatar” from a bullet wound, but mysteriously her corpse was preserved in an amino tank so her body could birth a daughter, Kiri. Given Kiri’s significance in “The Way of the Water,” it would be relevant to know how they knew Grace was pregnant and to preserve her avatar rather than taking her to the Tree of Souls.
Jake Leaves the Omaticaya
When Jake hides his family with the Metkayina clan hundreds of miles away, he effectively abandons the Omaticaya and leaves them susceptible to attack. While he reasons the RDA will leave them alone if he leaves, in actuality, it probably leaves them more vulnerable, and in the upcoming third film, we will probably see the Omaticaya wiped out as a result.
Spider and Quaritch
As the abandoned son of Colonel Miles Quaritch, Miles “Spider” Socorro finds happiness living with the Sullys and the Na’vi. However, when Quaritch appears in avatar form and takes him prisoner, Spider seems all too happy to teach his father the ways of the Na’vi, despite knowing his father will likely only use this information to hunt Jake.
Norm Reveals Jake’s Location
When Kiri suffers a seizure at the Spirit Tree, Jake asks Norm to fly out to help, which ultimately reveals his location to Quaritch. Of course, Jake was probably worried about saving his “baby girl,” but it seems obvious that meeting up in a remote location or asking Norm to mask his trajectory would have been smarter than revealing the tribe’s location.
What Do the Humans Want?
We know that in “Avatar,” the RDA was trying to acquire the valuable mineral Unobtanium, yet in the “Way of the Water,” their goals have shifted to making Pandora a safe place for humans to live. The ideology seems to be Pandora or bust, but certainly, there must be safer options in the solar system, particularly when Pandora is chock-full of dangers.