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Mike Judge Holds Three King Of The Hill Episodes In Particularly High Regard
For 13 seasons, “King of the Hill” chose to mostly forgo formulas and produce outstanding episodes that relied on observational humor rather than gags. These qualities were essential to the show’s comedy, and during a 2006 interview, co-creator Mike Judge shared his three favorite episodes that epitomize the show’s brilliance.
The first episode Judge stated as a favorite was Season 2’s “Junkie Business,” an episode that puts Hank through the wringer after he refuses to hire a highly competent female applicant because she can't talk sports with him. Hank’s exasperation and hypocrisy are comedically showcased when the man he hired instead turns out turns out to be an unreliable drug addict.
Another of Judge’s favorite episodes also deals with a female Strickland Propane hire in Season 5’s “Ho Yeah!” where Hank accidentally becomes a pimp in one of the show’s wildest and most memorable entries. While the episode is more outlandish than others on Judge’s list, it’s loaded with great moments from Hank’s ridiculous situation and has a genuinely touching b-plot.
The classic Season 5 episode, “It’s Not Easy Being Green,” also makes Judge’s list as the episode fuses Hank’s discomfort around modern progressives with a great story of how his friends deal with something from their past resurfacing. The episode climaxes with the great combination of observational satire and character-driven humor the show has perfected.