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Mike Judge Has A Simple Formula For Writing A Good King Of The Hill Script
“King of the Hill” introduced the audience to Hank Hill, the principled, old-school conservative doing his best to adjust to a changing society, who is often placed in some of the most preposterous situations imaginable. Series creator Mike Judge uses a simple formula for the animated series, but this blueprint would profoundly affect the show’s viewers.
While the series has its fair share of social statements, Judge utilizes the fish-out-of-water trope and observational comedy that has worked in live-action sitcoms for decades, rather than biting satire. “It’s usually putting Hank up against something really annoying and ridiculous in the modern world and just making it as annoying and ridiculous as possible,” explained Judge.
Hank’s conservative pragmatism and affinity for outdated “traditional values” during an era when society began to grow more progressive has the character at odds with the changes, like new age parenting styles, which Judge made look as absurd as possible. The show also used its simple formula and humor to address complex issues that are often difficult for people to discuss.