AUSTIN, TEXAS - MARCH 07:  Mike Judge attends the Austin Film Society's 2019 Texas Film Awards at AFS Cinema's Event Hall on March 7, 2019 in Austin, Texas.  (Photo by Gary Miller/Getty Images)
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Mike Judge Didn't Want To Make A Big Deal Out Of King Of The Hill's Finale
Mike Judge’s “King of the Hill” was an unassuming ’90s animated sitcom that loved to poke fun at life in modern Texas. The series ended its over decade-long run in 2009 without any notable climax or conclusion; instead, it decided on a quiet, non-conclusive sentimental moment, with Judge indicating in an interview that the choice was deliberate.
The finale, “To Sirloin with Love,” ended with a sweet moment where Hank (Judge) and his quirky son Bobby (Pamela Adlon) grilled together. Judge didn’t want to end the series, and giving the Hill family a grand final story arc would be antithetical to the nature of the show.
The “King of the Hill” conclusion came from Judge’s fondness for classic television, where shows didn’t have significant, flashy endings. The show creator said, “I’m a big fan of just classic TV. The old ‘Bob Newhart Show,’ ‘Leave It to Beaver,’ ‘The Andy Griffith Show.’ There was something kind of comforting in that, episode after episode, they didn’t change that much.”