TORONTO, ONTARIO - OCTOBER 31: DOCTOR SLEEP writer and director Mike Flanagan participates in an eerily amazing Q&A with fans at a Halloween screening on October 31, 2019 in Toronto, Canada. (Photo by GP Images/Getty Images for Warner Bros. Canada)
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Mike Flanagan Says Terrifier 2 Just Invented The 'Megaslasher' Genre
If you're a film person, you've probably already heard about the balls-to-the-wall chaotic gorefest that is "Terrifier 2." The splatter slasher film is not quite a traditional slasher the way horror fans have come to understand it, which is why people have been slowly coming out of the woodwork to talk about where it sits within the genre.
Horror maestro Mike Flanagan had his own thoughts on how "Terrifier 2" should be categorized. Taking to Twitter post-viewing, Flanagan said, "'Terrifer 2' is wild. Very ambitious and deeply disturbing. Practical FX are off the chain. Lauren LaVera is quite terrific and Art the Clown is downright ghastly. Seemed to have invented a new sub genre: the MegaSlasher. Big Respect to all involved."
While Flanagan clearly liked the film, the classification of "Terrifier 2" as a MegaSlasher or inventing a new subgenre is interesting. “Terrifier 2” has a classic slasher plot because it involves Art The Clown hunting down people and killing them, but gore levels in this film are likely what led to that MegaSlasher label.