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Mike Flanagan, Answering Fans' Prayers, Will Adapt Stephen King's The Dark Tower
2017’s “The Dark Tower” may have been a disaster, but another live-action take on Stephen King’s sprawling saga is in the works. Mike Flanagan and his producing partner, Trevor Macy, have acquired the rights and are reportedly planning on making a five-season television series that could be followed up by two feature film spin-offs.
Flanagan shared, “We acquired the rights to ‘The Dark Tower,’ which if you know anything about me, you know it has been my Holy Grail of a project for most of my life. We actually have those rights carved out of our Amazon deal, which doesn’t mean that they can’t or won’t get behind it at some point — you don’t know.”
He also explained some of the steps already taken to realize his dream of bringing “The Dark Tower” to the small screen: “I have a pilot script I’m thrilled with and a very detailed outline for the first season and a broader outline for the subsequent seasons.” Fans may soon be hearing much more about his take on the man in black and the gunslinger.