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Marvel Presses Pause on Blade While Hunting for a New Director
In a surprising change of course for the studio that always has a five-year-plan in order, The Hollywood Reporter is reporting that Marvel's "Blade" is now on hold following director Bassim Tariq's exit from the project. The movie would have begun filming in Atlanta in November, and was already in pre-production when crew members were notified about the news.
The outlet describes the pause as temporary, with a tentative restart set for early 2023. The movie will still star Mahershala Ali as the popular vampire hunter and will "further develop" aspects of the project while looking for a new director.
While it's easy to assume a production delay is cause for concern, it could also be a sign that the studio, which has recently felt like a conveyor belt for varyingly decent content, is trying to be more deliberate and less rushed in its productions. Marvel's "Blade" previously had a November 23,
2023 release date, but we'll let you
know if that changes.