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Marvel Is Slowly Merging With Netflix's I Think You Should Leave And We're Here For It
Ruben Rabasa
Fans of “I Think You Should Leave” caused a ruckus on Twitter when they saw Ruben Rabasa, a crazy old man from the Season 1 focus group sketch, appear in the new “Ant-Man” trailer. Rabasa’s character joyfully thanked Scott Lang for his service, believing Scott was Spider-Man.
Find The Guy Meme
An “I Think You Should Leave” meme went viral a few years ago, captioning an image of series creator Tim Robinson wearing a hotdog suit with “We’re all trying to find the guy who did this.” Thor wore a similar costume in “Love And Thunder,” supposedly referencing the meme.
Patti Harrison
Patti Harrison has appeared in multiple chaotic “I Think You Should Leave” sketches over the years, and she recently played Lulu in episode 6 of “She-Hulk.” Even though she was only a guest star, fans of the Netflix comedy series were delighted to see her in an MCU project.