SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - NOVEMBER 13: Cate Blanchett poses at a special screening for TÁR at Cremorne Orpheum on November 13, 2022 in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Hanna Lassen/Getty Images)
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Martin Scorsese Says The 'Clouds Lifted' On Cinema's 'Dark Days' When He Watched Tar
From the bleak future of movie theaters and concerning studio agendas to the mind-numbing number of movies available, cinephiles are genuinely concerned about the future of American cinema. Although Martin Scorsese shares this bleak outlook, the filmmaker took the time to single out Todd Field’s "TÁR" as one of the best works of cinema in recent years.
At the New York Film Critics Circle Awards, Scorsese expounded on the current state of cinema saying, “for so long now, so many of us see films that pretty much let us know where they're going. […] Leading those of us who've experienced cinema in the past — as much more than that — to become despairing of the future of the art form, especially for younger generations.”
However, when presenting the Best Picture award to "TÁR,” Scorsese praised the film, saying “The clouds lifted when I experienced Todd's film.” Scorsese said, “You make it so that we exist in her head. We experience only through her perception. The world is her […] it’s a real high-wire act, as all of this is conveyed through a masterful mise-en-scene.”