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Man Of Steel's Fishing Boat Scene Was Unexpectedly Brutal To Shoot
Although the film featured a dark and gritty take on an otherwise colorful superhero, Zack Snyder’s “Man of Steel” gave the world its most realistic and human characterization of Superman. The movie also featured many intense and destructive scenes that were challenging to shoot, though none were perhaps as difficult as the fishing boat scene near the film’s beginning.
After the Krypton prologue, “Man of Steel” follows an adult Clark Kent (Henry Cavill) who takes odd jobs on his journey for answers, one of which sees the wandering future hero aboard a fishing boat. Viewers might assume the scene was shot in the studio with green screens, but production filmed near Vancouver Island and had to deal with unforgiving waters.
Snyder explained some details behind the sequence: “Even though you would say, ‘Okay, it’s moderate seas, it doesn’t look that bad,' it was really rough, it was much rougher than it looks. Everyone got sick while we were shooting, not Henry. [...] We just went out to sea with a handful of people and we just started shooting. And it was fun to do, but it was slightly exhausting, but it was fun.”