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M3GAN's Hilarious Needle Drop Wasn't In The Original Script
Sci-fi horror movie, "M3GAN," features an early frontrunner for the year's greatest needle drop: a highly unorthodox lullaby of David Guetta and Sia's song "Titanium." Speaking with Variety, director Gerard Johnstone confirms that while the jarring moment wasn't scripted, M3GAN was, creatively, "the gift that kept on giving."
He explains: "It was a scene where she was trying to reassure Cady. And I was thinking, 'Well, what's the best way to reassure her? A lullaby.' I don't know how that song … maybe it was playing, or maybe it just made sense, because M3gan was made of titanium. I just remember thinking, 'This would be really funny.'"
Johnstone goes on to say that the scene is a treat to watch "because people just don't know we're gonna go there." The director credits Akela Cooper and James Wan for erecting a sly, fun story five years in the making, allowing him to buttress it with off-the-dome flourishes like the "Titanium" lullaby.
He continues to Variety: "It's very difficult to start with a blank page. It's easy for me as a director to come in on the top and say, "Hey, you know, it'd be funny if you did this." All the hard work is kind of done at that point. This is kind of like the fun icing on the top."