American actress Louise Lasser, New York, New York, October 24, 1977. (Photo by Brownie Harris/Corbis via Getty Images)
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​​Louise Lasser's SNL 'Breakdown' Was All Part Of The Plan
In the ‘70s, Louise Lasser gained popularity as the titular character in "Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman," a show that incorporated aspects of her notorious public life into the character she portrayed. Lasser's experimental approach was also on display during her 1976 guest spot on "Saturday Night Live," but things didn't go quite as planned.
In her opening monologue, Lasser appeared on stage dressed like Mary Hartman, seemed to suffer a breakdown, and ran backstage, locking herself in her dressing room until Chevy Chase coaxed her out. In a 2013 interview, Lasser revealed that her monologue was "performed as written," but her convincing performance ended up hurting her career in the long run.
Lasser's "SNL" stint was fraught with tension, as she often found herself at odds with the "SNL" team because she refused to perform some sketches "because they were salacious." Lasser was ahead of her time, and therefore, was often misunderstood, but her sheer intensity and audacity in her "SNL" monologue are sure to captivate anyone who watches it.