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Lightyear Accidentally Creates A Major Toy Story Universe Plot Hole
“Lightyear” was supposed to be both the origin story of Buzz Lightyear, and also the movie that started Andy’s love for the character in the “Toy Story” canon. However, if that was the case, the existence of Sox, Buzz’s cute kitty companion in “Lightyear,” presented a huge plot hole in the “Toy Story” universe.
The first question that Sox’s existence presented was why no toys or plushies of its likeness were produced in Andy’s universe. This led to other questions about why only toys of Buzz and Zurg were produced when there were other characters in “Lightyear,” and why Sox and these other characters were never mentioned in the “Toy Story” movies.
At a press conference, director Angus MacLane explained that "Andy's mom couldn't get [Sox], it was sold out everywhere” despite the reality that Sox and the other “Lightyear” characters didn’t exist when the first “Toy Story” came out. The plot hole made it more obvious that “Lightyear” was just Disney’s way to make money off of the nostalgic love for the franchise without any regard for its legacy.