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Legendary Comics Made A Trick 'R Treat Omnibus, But There's Only One Way To Own It
The cultural significance of the beloved anthology "Trick 'R Treat'' has largely increased over the past few years, with its two graphic novels from 2009 and 2015 now being reissued. Die-hard fans can pledge to a Kickstarter campaign spearheaded by Legendary Comics to get their hands on the reissue.
According to the campaign details, this re-release will be titled the "Trick 'R Treat 15th Anniversary Omnibus Collection," and in addition to the previous graphic novels, it will include a brand-new story from Michael Dougherty. While its initial project goal was $10,000, it has made over six times that in pledges from passionate fans.
The Kickstarter funds the publishing, meaning the book cannot be bought in stores. Working with retailers only increases the costs of production, and with the film’s niche appeal, sales of the omnibus would unlikely be profitable.
Distributing the omnibus via Kickstarter increases its chances of profitability and increases fan goodwill by catering directly to them. The "Trick 'R Treat 15th Anniversary Omnibus Collection" campaign is still open to fans, where they can secure a physical or digital copy of the book.