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Krampus Features A Brilliant Voice Cameo You May Have Missed
Released in 2015, Michael Dougherty’s “Krampus” has dug a cozy little niche for itself as an annual tradition brimming with twisted yuletide cheer. Krampus — like Santa Claus — depends on his helpers to carry out his night's work, and in this case, that includes a trio of killer gingerbread men, one of which is voiced by a rather notable guest star.
Since “Krampus” is both nasty and sweet, it’s no wonder that its gingerbread men — lovingly labeled as Lumpy, Clumpy, and Dumpy in the credits — fit snugly into the tone. Beloved voice actor Seth Green is behind the menacing squeals of Lumpy, who could fit in perfectly on his offbeat stop-motion show, “Robot Chicken.”
Although fully digitalized, the gingerbread men were made to resemble stop-motion, and Green’s work on “Robot Chicken” makes him an ideal casting choice for characters of that visual style. Overall, his penchant for quietly cameoing in high-profile geek material means he’s perfectly suited for lending his vocal cords to some violent, faux stop-motion gingerbread cookies.