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Killing A Main Character
In Gravity Falls Was Never On
The Table
With an endearing coming-of-age story, silly misadventures, and dark humor, “Gravity Falls” has a little something for everyone. When the show approached its second and final season, audiences wondered what the finale would have in store, and an innocent tweet from series creator Alex Hirsch made people believe one of the main characters would be killed.
As Season 2 began airing, when asked if anyone would die in the season, Hirsch casually replied, “’Yes, at least one character will die this season.’” This quickly snowballed into audiences thinking Hirsch had confirmed that either Mabel or Dipper would die and even calling for their deaths, although in the end, only the eldritch horror Bill Cipher is killed.
There was no real danger to the main characters because the stakes aren’t about life coming to an end but about childhood coming to an end. As Hirsch said, “I don’t believe any of our main cast would deserve a punishment like [death]. I personally prefer the Pines alive.” He added, for those fans rooting for the death of a main character, “‘Go outside. It’s a beautiful day.’”