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Kevin Smith Doesn't Understand Why Kevin Smith Fans Like Clerks
It’s been nearly three decades since the debut of Kevin Smith's independent film “Clerks,” and Smith will finally have a proper trilogy when “Clerks III” is released. In an interview, Smith talked about the legacy of his Dante Hicks-Randal Graves duo, and why he never understood why audiences outside of New Jersey liked the original “Clerks” so much.
Smith stated that he “didn’t think [Clerks] would play outside of New Jersey because it's a very regional, workplace comedy.” However, he added it was probably the “workplace” aspect that people could relate to, since “you don't have to be from New Jersey to identify with having a job that you hate. It's a universal truth for most people.”
For Smith, turning that “universal truth” about people disliking their jobs into a trilogy was a “great” experience. He said about his upcoming film, “It's nice to be able to go home to those characters, and it's beautiful that people still give a s**t about 'em. Never imagined 'Clerks' would take on a life of its own.”