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Kevin Feige Explains How Jonathan Majors' Kang Is 'Totally Different' From Thanos
Just as Thanos was the main villain of the Avengers Infinity Saga, Kang will be the main villain of the Multiverse Saga. However, as Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige explained in an interview, Kang will not just be “a bigger purple guy with a helmet,” he will be “totally different” from Thanos.
According to Feige, what sets Kang apart from Thanos is that Kang will have many “different incarnations, variants, if you will.” He praised Jonathan Majors, who will be playing all these different characters, saying, “It's amazing, and I said to him there's nobody's shoulders I'd rather be putting the Multiverse Saga on than his. It's really impressive what [he] is able to do.”
The aspect of Kang being multiple characters is in line with the comics where Kang is a time traveler related to Doctor Doom and Reed Richards, and has alternate versions of himself, who are not only villains but also heroes like Iron Lad and Rama-Tut. With a bigger focus on tactics and futuristic technology, Kang promises to be a more calculated and multifaceted villain than Thanos.