NEW YORK CITY, NY - SEPTEMBER 16: Kelsey Grammer is seen at Gristedes on September 16, 2021 in New York City, New York. (Photo by RCF/MEGA/GC Images)
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Kelsey Grammer Explains What We Can Expect From The New Frasier Series
Throughout the 90s, Frasier Crane and his wacky family afforded us a chance to laugh at the upper crust of society. The show was massively successful, and while reboots and sequels are notorious for failing, if any show can pull it off it’s this one; here’s what we know about the upcoming series.
The upcoming show was cleared by Grammer himself, who clarified that the show is not a reboot. Grammer said, “Frasier, in his third or fourth act, is not a reboot, but a new show centered around the character in a new set of circumstances and a new city.” The city wasn’t specified, but Frasier was seen leaving for Chicago at the end of the original series.
The change of location makes it unclear how many of Grammer’s former co-stars will appear in the new series. However, one main cast member will definitely not be appearing; sadly, John Mahoney, who played Frasier’s blue-collar detective father, Martin, passed away in 2018 and both he and the heart he brought to the show will be dearly missed.