Italian actress Claudia Gerini during photocall of movie "John Wick - Capitolo 2"
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Keanu Reeves Designed Gianna’s Disturbing John Wick 2 Death Himself
Gianna’s death in the 2017 film “John Wick: Chapter 2” was disturbing even by the violent series’ standards, and it turns out actor Keanu Reeves devised the death himself.
Director Chad Stahelski said in an interview, “One day, Keanu's in our office, he's just got done working out, we’re talking, and he says ‘I've got an idea. It's a little wacky.’”
Reeves continued, “‘I'm not going to kill Gianna. She's gonna slit her wrists in a bath house. She's gonna strip. It's gonna be confusing. We'll put this tension in.’”
This is exactly what happens in the film — after seeing Wick in her mirror, Gianna strips before getting into the hot tub and turning the water red with her blood.
While the death is very brutal, Stahelski said, “I thought it was a good way to show another side of the mythology. It's supposed to be this world with its own set of rules.”
Wick does shoot Gianna in the head before she bleeds out, but he also takes her hand in the moments before her death, a gentle touch most “John Wick” deaths are not given.