Ke Huy Quan, winner of Best Actor in a Supporting Role award for ‘Everything Everywhere All at Once’  poses in the press room during the 95th Annual Academy Awards at Ovation Hollywood on March 12, 2023 in Hollywood, California.
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Ke Huy Quan Choreo-graphed A Huge Fight In The Original
X-Men Movie
After gaining recognition as a child actor, Ke Huy Quan all but disappeared from the movies until he made a much lauded return with an Oscar-winning performance in 2022's "Everything Everywhere All at Once." However, Quan never left the industry entirely and continued working as a stunt choreographer and assistant director in several projects, including an "X-Men" movie.
In 1999, Quan graduated from USC School of Cinematic Arts, in an attempt to work behind the camera, and eventually met legendary director and action choreographer Corey Yuen. As an action director on "X-Men," Yuen took Quan on set and taught him the ropes, leading to him helping choreograph the fight between Wolverine and a Wolverine look-alike Mystique.
The behind-the-scenes footage went viral recently in a Twitter post from Will McCrabb, who pointed out the multifaceted skills of Quan. Even when Hollywood wouldn't give Quan a chance, he clearly couldn't give up on his passion and even worked as an assistant director for Wong Kar-Wai’s "2046"; however, seeing "Crazy Rich Asians" inspired him to return to acting.