Kate Hudson at premiere of 'Almost Famous,' New York, September 11, 2000. (Photo by Steve Eichner/Getty Images)
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Kate Hudson Felt The 'Magic' Of Almost Famous From The Very First Table Read
The classic movie about the fictional rock-and-roll group Stillwater and their adventures on tour, “Almost Famous” is a must-watch whether you’re a fan of classic rock or not. From the cast’s tangible chemistry to Cameron Crowe’s award-winning script, making the movie was a moment of serendipitous creation that Kate Hudson’ called “magic.”
For the 20th anniversary of the film, Hudson, Crowe and the rest of the cast got together to reminisce on their time making the film. Hudson recalled, "I'll never forget it [...] it was all of us in the room and Jason Lee was being a total doofus, funny guy, and Billy was, like, very serious […] I can't explain how much fun it was but it just felt like a magical group of people."
For his part, Crowe said, “These are all beautiful pieces of serendipity […] It adds up to something magical and never ceases to throw me to see what happened there when we were all together there doing it." The cast’s chemistry is apparent on camera throughout the film, and Crowe still loves the movie so much he’s turning it into a new Broadway musical.