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Justin Roiland Isn't Looking To End Rick And Morty Anytime Soon
The premiere of Season 6 of “Rick and Morty” is set for September 4th, and although the show is contracted for four more seasons some fans are wondering if there is an endgame in sight. In an interview with /Film, co-creator Justin Roiland revealed that he sees the show continuing beyond ten seasons as it has been able to maintain its quality and has endless possibilities with its multiverse.
When asked if he saw an endgame for the show, Roiland replied, “We’ll see,” and acknowledged that it would be a future conversation with Discovery Network. He explained, “I would imagine those talks will probably start during the production of Season 10, or maybe even Season 9, just because they take so damn long to figure that stuff out.”
Roiland does believe, however, that the show “has legs” and “could really go for a really, really long time” as long as the loyal fan base keeps tuning in. He continued, “As long as we've got folks that are passionate about it and a fan base that wants to see more of this family and this crazy sci-fi multiverse that we've set up, I think we could do this for a long time."