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Jurassic Park Scenes That Aged Terribly
The Hacking
Lex’s hacking scene seems unbelievable today, largely on account of outdated software and an oversimplification of power grids, though it's worth noting that the software she navigates did, and still does, exist. Real or not, it's nonetheless a bit goofy to watch her scroll through a computer-generated park while two adults scream bloody murder in the background.
The Science
Some of the science in the film is oversimplified or misinterpreted altogether. Ian Malcolm's Chaos Theory contention is a theme many contemporary scholars point out wasn't exactly accurate. Most damning is the inciting incident of dino DNA surviving in amber which, according to researchers, is too fragile to persist for that long.
The Dinosaurs
Research shows that the Dilophosaurus was not human-sized instead averaging twenty feet in length and did not spit venom. While science advisors who worked on the film contend Spielberg was aware of the inaccuracies, he reportedly made concessions. Particularly when it came to the T-Rex, which, in reality, was covered in feathers and did not roar.
The Bickersons
The divorced Kirby couple cannot stop squabbling, despite the danger being eminently clear. It's hard to find tension in dinosaur jaws when what feels like a rerun of "Everybody Loves Raymond" is chugging along just out of frame.
Gymnastics Routine
Besieged by raptors at an abandoned InGen base, Kelly uses her gymnastics skills to swing, flip, kick, and outwit the pursuing predators. As an isolated moment, it is admittedly very cool, though following the cliffside trailer collapse moments before, it's simply an odd way to conclude the movie's time on Isla Sorna.