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Julian Fellowes Isn't Sure
If Downton Abbey: A New Era Is The End Of The Series
“Downton Abbey: A New Era” is the second film from series creator Julian Fellowes, and it sees some longtime characters close their story arcs, while others hint at new beginnings. When asked in an interview if there could be more stories coming, Fellowes gave the vague answer of “I couldn't tell you.”
Fellowes initially hinted at the notion of nothing lasting by stating, “I'm not going to go on forever. So I think there would be a real difficulty getting ‘Downton’ to go on forever.” He also talked about how entertainment had changed during the show's run, saying how “the whole nature of showbiz, of how you make films, of how they're released, the platforms – all of this is different from what it was 15 years [ago].”
However, Fellowes seems to think that if “Downton Abbey” can change with the times, new content is always a possibility. He explains how he enjoys “new opportunities, new chances, new ways of doing things. [...] I think that's interesting. And I like being part of it. So if ‘Downton’ is to be reborn in a different shape or size, then, you know, I hope I'm part of that."