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Jude Law Was Involved In The Young Pope's 'Evolution' From Day One
On top of being his best performance to date, Jude Law was intrinsically involved with the creation of Pius XIII since the earliest days of "The Young Pope,” and gave close attention to Pius XIII’s character development, from its inception to its timely end. That evolution carried over to "The New Pope" as well.
According to Law, “Lenny unfolded as this extraordinary, contradictory, deeply knotted and complex human, with an incredible backstory, but also a present life that required all sorts of understanding.” Law further admitted, “Being a part of the evolution of it was truly one of the best work experiences I've had."
Pius’ character developed from not being able to let go of his past to his random bouts of miracle work snowballing into him realizing that his purpose is less centered on his own personal trauma than on the effect he can have on others. His final embrace with the public is a testament to his personal development, set up since the very first episode of the series.