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Jordan Peele Had An Intriguing Original Title For Nope
Jordan Peele’s storytelling craft shines through even the titles of his movies, like the upcoming “Nope”. In a recent interview, Peele revealed how "Nope" was originally titled "Little Green Men," and though that would more directly reference the concept of aliens, it's actually a double entendre that speaks to the larger themes his story has in mind.
Peele explained the reasoning behind the original title stating, “I'm always talking about something human, a human flaw. And there was something about our connection with spectacle and money and our monetization of spectacle. And so the 'little green men' that I started talking about was the little green men on the money."
Still, there's a very good reason why Peele changed course. He goes on to joke, "It sounds like some kind of Redbox 2003 Jeff Fahey vehicle [...] there's lots of names that I was circulating in my head. And at the end of the day, the film felt singular. And 'Nope' was the only thing that I could say to describe it."