LONDON, ENGLAND - APRIL 08: Jon Favreau attends the Ahsoka panel at Start Wars Celebration 2023 in London at ExCel on April 08, 2023 in London, England. (Photo by Jeff Spicer/Getty Images for Disney)
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Jon Favreau Wanted The Mandalorian To Quote An Infamously Bad Star Wars Line
The “Star Wars” franchise has produced many one-liners since “A New Hope” first hit theaters in 1977; however, no quote is quite as controversial as “Maclunkey!”
Greedo says “Maclunkey!” before Han Solo shoots him dead in the 2019 Disney+ edit of "A New Hope," and “The Mandalorian” creator Jon Favreau wants to bring the expression back.
In the “Making of Season 2” episode of “Disney Gallery: The Mandalorian,” Favreau suggests to co-executive producer Dave Filoni that Mando utter it to a gangster he leaves to die.
Filoni dismissed the idea, but Favreau replied, “Maclunkey means a lot of things.” While Filoni protested that it was “something Greedo says,” at least one other alien has said it.
In “The Phantom Menace,” Sebulba threatens Anakin Skywalker, saying to his young rival in Huttese, “Next time we race, boy, it will be the end of you.”
According to CBR, “Maclunkey” is Huttese for “This will be the end of you,” which matches Sebulba’s subtitles and is fitting for Mando to say to the gangster before walking off.
While its definition is unclear, Greedo’s body actor, Paul Blake, shared it might be an ancient Rodian tradition he follows in his final moments, or it could simply mean “Ouch.”