John Wick prop weapons and John Wick: Chapter 2 stunt black two-piece wool suit worn by Keanu Reeves are on display during the media preview of Julien's Auctions year end event "Icons and Idols: Hollywood" in Beverly Hills on November 29, 2021. (Photo by VALERIE MACON / AFP) (Photo by VALERIE MACON/AFP via Getty Images)
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John Wick's Suits Were Designed With A Glock In Mind
John Wick (Keanu Reeves) has not only proved to be the most efficient killer in the previous three films’ world of highly trained assassins, but he’s also one of the best dressed. Costume designer Luca Mosca described Wick’s suits as “sleek and elegant,” perfect for the setting; however, Mosca’s main inspiration for the assassin’s attire was his gun.
Mosca explained, “In the script for the first film, there was a reference to the Glock in terms of John Wick’s look. Even though a gun is dangerous and can be lethal, the Glock I looked at was charcoal gray, sleek and elegant in the way it caught the light.” The costume designer praised Reeves’ build, sharing, “Honestly, my job was made much easier with an actor like him.”
The Glock’s modern design perfectly matched Wick’s suits, with Mosca adding, “The fashion of this decade — where men’s suits have a more tapered and slim-fitting look — is perfect for the clean lines of John’s suits.” Mosca also shared that the black and gray colors Wick typically wears also have a purpose: “My goal was to create a costume for a man whose heart has been broken.”