HOLLYWOOD, CA - OCTOBER 25:  Filmmaker John Carpenter attends a signing event for the "Halloween" Soundtrack at Amoeba Music on October 25, 2018 in Hollywood, California.  (Photo by Michael Tullberg/Getty Images)
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John Carpenter Might Not Have Made The Thing If It Weren't For Howard Hawks
While John Carpenter’s “The Thing” was far from a critical or box office success when it first premiered, the film has since become a cult classic science fiction horror movie. Carpenter’s understanding of the genre has allowed the director to elicit raw emotions from viewers, and “The Thing” has been praised for its amazing practical effects and chilling atmosphere of paranoia.
Even with his unique, against-the-grain style, Carpenter isn’t afraid to credit his filmmaking inspirations, particularly the director he admires most, Howard Hawks. Carpenter explained, “You don’t really understand what he’s doing when he does his technique and works it on you. And you think you’re just watching a movie and watching the actors, and in reality you’re watching a master at work.”
According to Carpenter, Hawks’ “The Thing from Another World” had a powerful impact on the director when he was a child, becoming a major influence for “The Thing.” Although Hawks isn’t a household name, his work has inspired some of Hollywood’s most prolific directors, including Martin Scorsese, with Carpenter stating, “Howard Hawks was the kind of ultimate hero, to me.”