TORONTO, ONTARIO - SEPTEMBER 09: John Boyega speaks during the Twitter Chat with the Cast of "The Woman King" during the 2022 Toronto International Film Festival at Mademoiselle Raw Bar + Grill on September 09, 2022 in Toronto, Ontario. (Photo by Jeremy Chan/Getty Images)
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John Boyega Reveals How Attack the Block 2 Picks Up Moses' Story
Back in 2011, director Joe Cornish and then-unknown actor John Boyega teamed up for "Attack the Block," a genre mashup that brought an extraterrestrial invasion into a grimy, London-set thriller tackling topics like race, housing, the drug crisis, and more. Now, the "Star Wars" star will return to reprise his role as Moses in "Attack the Block 2."
Fresh off of his supporting role in "The Woman King," Boyega is stepping back into the shoes of Moses, the character who was a young teen when last we saw him chopping up aliens with a samurai sword in "Attack the Block." Boyega revealed how the sequel will ultimately revisit these characters and their world, which has radically changed in the interceding period of time.
According to Boyega: "We go back and look at the locations where we shot the first movie [Southwark and Walworth in south London] — once dodgy areas — and we find that it's all gleaming, high-end apartments, and Starbucks. There's a whole world that we're about to explore here with a whole new take on that universe, building, and revisiting those characters."