Film director Joel Schumacher, who directed 8mm, at the Empire Awards.
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Joel Schumacher Thought He Probably Should've Been Fired From Directing The Lost Boys
Joel Schumacher was an immensely talented filmmaker, whose slick visual style earned him loads of high-profile assignments during the 1980s and '90s. With “The Lost Boys,” Schumacher was under pressure to deliver a hit summer movie for Warner Bros., which led to conflict that once resulted in violence against a child actor and haunted Schumacher all of his life.
Schumacher assaulted Brooke McCarter, who played a vampire in the film, for not performing well enough. He said, “I was so frustrated, and I just slapped him and pushed the door in front of him. I'd never done it in my life, and never again. I'm ashamed of it. It's outrageous — he should have reported me, I should have been up on charges. But I've apologized many, many times.”
Schumacher finished “The Lost Boys,” and scored a mild box office success with a $32 million domestic gross on a $9 million budget. He then became a go-to director for Warner Bros. by knocking out big, buzzy hits like “Falling Down,” “The Client,” “Batman Forever,” and “A Time to Kill.”