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Jenna Ortega Knows She Will Never Do A Project Like X Again
2022 has been a banner year for actress Jenna Ortega, as she has leapt into the public eye with "X," the fifth "Scream" movie, the amusing "Studio 666," and the "Addams Family" spinoff series "Wednesday," where she plays the titular character. In a March 2022 interview with Complex, Ortega talked about how working on "X" was unique in her career.
Ortega explained, "When I had conversations with [Ti West] about possibly doing this job, he just had a lot of interesting ideas. I don't think I've ever worked with somebody who's so well prepared or so certain in their vision. That's really exciting for an actor just because sometimes you go on set not really knowing what to expect."
Patience was required for West’s elaborate shots, but he was always clear and communicative with his cast. As Ortega put it, "You already knew what your intention was going into the scene, how Ti wanted it and you also knew that you wouldn't move on from a shot until Ti was certain that he got what he needed [...] I know I'll never do a project like it again."