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Jason Momoa Could Be Lobo and Other Big Changes Coming to
the New DC Universe
The latest news regarding the DC universe is giving fans the first snapshot of James Gunn and Peter Safran’s vision for the reboot of the DCEU with new Warner's head honcho, David Zaslav. It appears the new studio heads want to start with a fresh slate by putting a final nail in the coffin of the Zack Snyder era.
According to Borys Kit’s article for The Hollywood Reporter, "Wonder Woman 3" is toast, Henry Cavill is not likely to return as "Superman,” and Jason Momoa's Aquaman will bow out with the upcoming sequel "Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom." However, that may not mean the end of Momoa’s time in the DCU as they are considering crafting a "Lobo" film staring Momoa.
It also seems that pending Zaslav’s approval, "Flashpoint" will be the last time we'll see the Snyder version of heroes in cameo form. It should be noted the article does say that the Matt Reeves/Robert Pattinson "Batman" films seem to be left alone at the moment and we still have the "Joker" sequel in the works.