CHICAGO, IL - AUGUST 21: Actor  and professional mixed martial artist Jason David Frank attends Wizard World Comic Con Chicago 2015 - Day 2 at Donald E. Stephens Convention Center on August 21, 2015 in Chicago, Illinois.  (Photo by Gilbert Carrasquillo/WireImage)
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Jason David Frank Had A Heart-Warming Interaction With Reservoir Dogs Star Michael Madsen
There has been an outpouring of stories about Jason David Frank following his tragic and untimely death. Frank is best known for his role in over a hundred episodes of the original “Mighty Morphin Power Rangers” TV series before starring in “Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie,” which gave him a chance to meet other famous actors during the film’s premiere.
After being disappointed by Jean-Claude Van Damme so much so that Frank left the premiere, the actor had a chance encounter with a young fan and a dad who, in Frank’s words, “looked like a gangster.” Frank said, “This little kid [...] came out of the bushes in like these dirty White Ranger pajamas. [...] And this kid’s like, ‘Hey, man, can I have your autograph?’”
The actor continued, “And I said, ‘Sure, man.’ And then, you know, this dad came up [...] and he said, ‘Thanks, man, I appreciate it. Thanks for taking care of my kid.’” The father turned out to be Michael Madsen, who years later said that he still remembered Frank’s kindness to his son. The two actors will share the screen in Frank’s final film, “Legend of the White Dragon.”