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Jacob Anderson Knows Why Interview With The Vampire Fans Want Louis And Lestat Together
In AMC's "Interview with the Vampire,” it’s clear that, despite his seductive qualities, Lestat is dangerous and not the best guy. Generally, vampires live by different rules than humans do, which makes it easy to overlook Lestat's true nature until he’s essentially committing domestic violence against Louis.
Speaking to Vanity Fair ahead of the Season 1 finale, Jacob Anderson (Louis), acknowledged the appeal of Louis and Lestat's romance, despite how toxic it ultimately is. As he put it, "Louis says it: There's no human equivalent to vampire bond. It's very difficult to rationalize it.”
“'Well, he was awful. How could you go back to him?',” the actor added. “There was just this thing that was holding us together. You can parallel that with a domestic setting — people can't quite explain why they're so drawn to somebody who is bad for them."
Anderson further underlines the difficulties of trying to rationalize any kind of behavior in a morally complex world. “There are nuances that contextualize all behavior,” he said, “and it doesn't mean that you have to agree with any of it. But you have to acknowledge the nuance in human behavior, and therefore, vampire behavior."